Sunday, March 8, 2009

Pray for Gus

Your prayers and thoughts are requested for our 8 year old grandson and inspiration, Augustus 'Gus' McLarry.

For quite some time, Gus has suffered progressively painful and mysterious migraines of which batteries of tests have not turned up anything conclusive, until the latest MRI, which revealed a mass that is growing between the back of his left optic nerve and brain.

Doctors at Children's Hospital in Dallas have narrowed this to one of three things;
-A benign tumor.
-A cyst.

Obviously, the the first two would be favorable as the actual diagnosis. Nevertheless, considering the location, it will be quite a delicate procedure ahead to treat and eliminate.

In the good times, Gus is quite the normal energetic kid. But when the headaches flare, it has become quite debilitating. We can only imagine how excruciating it must feel.

Feel free to keep posted on Gus's progress at our Facebook page. Thank you again for your continued prayers.

Bryan & Ann

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Anonymous said...

Gus, Michelle, Tony and the rest of the family are definitely in my thoughts and prayers as are the members of the medical team. What a precious little boy Gus is, and God will bring him through this. We have to believe.
Aunt Ruby