Monday, August 17, 2009

Portable Internet Radio: GUS.FM and XYZRadio

There are a plethora of internet radio directories that you will find we have placements on. There's an almost 100% probability that you found us through one of those. For the most part we're quite pleased with the results of bringing a whole new batch of our audience base and very beholdent to those websites for the fine job that they do. Can't say enough about their services.

There is a new generation listing network service that I would like to bring to your attention and I'm very proud to say that we are included on. focuses on the application of internet radio to the mobility of iphone, PSP, PS3, and beyond PC only apps by way of Wii, even TiVo.

Registering on the site is easy. Download the app for your paticular device then if you have an internet plan, point back to XYZRadio and voila!, you have internet radio on the go. The site also has an HD quality layout, so we not only sound good but look good on it as well.

If you happen to put all this together, please pound some feedback. I'd love to hear from you!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

New Choice Listener Downloads Available

The Top Listener Picks is a new feature added to the GUS.FM homepage and blog. Mp3 downloads of complete albums, or, select singles from popular artists are available at a special price through our link to

Based on the artist(s) rankings from daily, minute by minute connections that are compiled from data received at our streaming servers, the totals are a true and unbiased reflection of what the listening audience responds to or is searching for. With that in mind, it's interesting and fun to see the variety that pops up with the different genre blend that make up The Classic Hit Combo.

An example of this is when a song is playing on GUS.FM and broadcast out to the many directories and search engines. Discovering listeners connect to the stream at that very moment, adding to the number within the time frame that the song plays. That builds towards the top 5 position, which in turn earns the placement in the top listener choices. Music is available for downloads at a promotional price. It should be noted that not all artists or record companies participate, so there is no guarantee on artist/song availability.

Regular Amazon customers will be able to access their accounts through the links, allowing customers to redeem any benefits that accrue for Amazon purchases if applicable.

An earlier feature are downloads available at a discount when ever a song is currently playing. Visitors to the site will be able to view what is on-air and (if applicable) purchase their mp3 at the Home, Control Room or Blog pages.

Since the numbers are updated daily, music showcases will refresh daily as well. Stay tuned for feature enhancements that are expected.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Another Broadcasting Legend Passes; If Not by Name, By the Indelible Words

This year, there have been many notables passing within the entertainment and radio/TV industries. All have had the respective tributes and special reports garnered. Well earned, considering their impacts and legacies. Most notable, were two giants in the broadcasting industry, Paul Harvey and Walter Cronkite.

However, there is the occasion in which a local event so impacts the world, that the lightening strike is marked not only in the exact time of the event itself, but is recorded for posterity by the source available at the time.

An example of this was WLS reporter, Herb Morrison's May 6, 1937 spontaneous cry, "Oh, the humanities.." in witnessing the Hindenburg disaster. The name to the voice is oblivious, but the impact of the broadcast plays on for infinity.

Sam Pate, a local radio reporter for then KBOX Radio in Dallas, triggered volume knobs to be turned up by being the very first to bring real-time surreal awareness of the earth shaking event of the Kennedy assassination on November 22, 1963. That, by the words, ..."something has happened in the motorcade route...something has apparently happened in the motorcade..there has been a shooting in the motorcade...." in response to police dispatch traffic he was monitoring on the only live Dallas radio report of the motorcade in progress. All others that had been credited were breaking reports, after-the fact actualities that interrupted scheduled programming. (ie; Cronkite's oft replayed report of the death of JFK in his post-mortem tributes last month.)

Sam Pate died August 3rd at age 77, after a long illness. His report lives forever.

Click here to listen to the report.