Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Echo Hill Media Extends a Hand to Extend High-Speed

New media services company, Echo Hill Media, LLC has announced that it will partner with Germantown, MD based ISP, HughesNet, to market it's high-speed satellite internet service throughout the U.S. by way of it's newly created website, satosphere.com.

With approximately 80 million households having internet access; one-third of those subscribers are already immersed with high-speed internet. However, there remains a market of 13 to 15 million, particularly in rural or beyond extended DSL and cable areas, that have been waiting to almost no avail for faster broadband access.

“It wasn't hard to see the consumer demand, as well as the growth potential that satellite internet has to offer”, said EHM CEO Bryan Thompson. “Today's and tomorrow's connections rely on not only faster speeds, but enabling capacity for larger file downloads and transfers.”

There are approximately 3.4 million small businesses that are under-served, left with dial-up, or WI-FI in extended service areas. An environment that can be costly in a short period of time.

“This paves the way not only for the convenience of optimum service but provides a boost for small and home-based businesses, another explosive trend”, Thompson added.

HughesNet, traces it's beginning to 1971, as Hughes Network Systems and became a part of Hughes Electronics a subsidiary of General Motors, which also owned DirecTV. The internet service was marketed as Direcway. As Hughes Electronics was sold to Rupert Murdoch's News Corp, HNS was spun off seperately from DirecTV. Today it is recognized as a leader in satellite high speed internet service. Utilizing a direct two-way communication link from satellite dishes, the upload and download speed times are fast with no need for phone lines.

Specializing in new media services, Echo Hill Media currently operates internet radio station and website GUS.FM and Echo Hill Productions, primarily an audio broadcast production service for TV, radio and audio/visual presentations.

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