Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Time For You to Join Us

Online radio has officially crossed the threshold of the new mega-trend in interactive communication. The latest projections show the industry has experienced a whopping 700% increase in less than 2 years.

Since it's debut on January 1, 2008, GUS.FM has experienced the ups and downs, the tweeks, time and investment. Now it's time to move past the development stage and establish it's rightful place as a major trend setter in the online broadcasting world.

We are a formidable force. With a unique, trademarked format known as the 'Classic Hit Combo' a worldwide fan base is now experiencing and appreciating a unique variety of music presented in a way that gels genres and demographics that cries for more.

This is where your help is needed. We are building a national sales force that will be responsible for referring new advertisers to our original platform. More info can be found at our Sales Reps Needed page. You will find a bit of useful information there about our industry and a compensation plan.