Thursday, February 5, 2009

FiOS...Kicks Ass!!

Within a few weeks, we should look forward to the migration of the GUS.FM multiple bit upload streams by way of Verizon FiOS. No longer depending on just "blazing fast" broadband, the conversion will be remarkably enhanced by light speed.

FiOS, the trademarked acronym of "Fiber Optic System", (or as I've coined it, "Fastest Internet On Steroids") is revolutionary with the fiber optic-to-the premises (FTTP)line. A monumental undertaking that Verizon established a little less than five years ago, has set the stage for a massive revolution in communication delivery. In essence, this throws out the traditional copper wire delivery of generations old phone and cable systems, no longer up to par to ever increasing velocity and unlimited bandwidth requirements.

Thanks to the onslaught of consumer dedications to the market for new ticket items, ie; high definition and real-time streaming, infrastructure had to make way. FiOS is the one and only solution in pure and uncompressed data. In our case, the buffering caused by jams in our upstream has been too much to bare. FTTP should eliminate a great deal of that problem.

Word-of-mouth is spreading to levels not seen since the explosive growth of metropolitan cable TV systems of the early '80s. To date only 4% of the country has access to FiOS. However, the emergence of FiOS is already seen overlapping into non-Verizon service areas. This sets the stage for a projected sustained market in the very near future. Not to mention a welcome relief when considering the current economic employment situation and career opportunities this opens. FiOS is seen as a leverage to a new consumer's boom of the 2010 decade.

Traditional cable and satellite systems have seen the writing on the wall. Much as the latter stages of VHS, Walkman and the carburetor, providers fear a helpless dwindling demand is picking up at an accelerated pace as subscribers jump ship to a brash and comparably priced platform.

Speaking as a former cable TV veteran, I see the adrenalin has reinvigorated a complacent and in some cases, bankrupt industry. We'll put it to the test when the connection to our HD stream is full blown soon. We'll keep you posted.

Meanwhile, if you're one of the lucky few that can get FiOS, by all means, see the light and get it!

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