Friday, September 12, 2008

Why Should It Matter If McCain Sends Emails?

The latest Barack Obama attack ad is trying to focus on John McCain being a "computer illiterate" and how important that in this day and age that a leader should have thorough knowledge of the internet from blogging, emails, OS and IM to be effective. Am I to be so impressed that a candidate that can master "geek-speak" can harness the massive affairs of the free world? (I don't believe I've seen Mark Cuban on the ticket.)

My instant response to that is, if that's the case Sen.Obama, do you have thorough knowledge of the operation of military aircraft?...Or for that matter, an aircraft carrier?..Or for that matter, an entire naval fleet? How about staring the enemy in the eye? That means more to me in a commander-in-chief than for someone who can just set up a MySpace page.

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