Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Phoenix, AZ You're IT!

It's back! After a summer hiatus the featured city/state of the week has returned to to The Nation page on our GUS.FM website. We're proud to roll the new version out with eyes on Phoenix, AZ!

If you're a regular and you've tracked the week to week focus, what you will find is that it's not much different, but we wanted to remain a bit more relevant to the music. That's the general reason why you visit, right? Among other things what you will find is an embedded video that we can manage to dig up to feature either a song to a namesake, or what would really be great is if you are artist with original material that not only can get the recognition that you're looking for as well as a suggestion to what should be the next featured area.

This is also a way for you to keep up to what Wikipedia has published online about your respective zone. Since you're free to edit, you may be able to pinpoint and correct mistakes or add your own adjustment to their article. Just click on the name of the town and/or the state flag on the site.

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