Friday, June 13, 2008

We're Not Like Anything You've Ever Heard Before...Maybe?

A friend commented the other day that the 'Classic Hit Combo' on GUS.FM, was a "great potpourri of music styles." Love ya'..but, yick! Potpourri is what you use when you want to mask the smell of something. And nothing smells here! Well, quite honestly, a few stinkers get past us every now and then. But thanks to our great search and destroy system, we'll rightly rid them!

Been to a home improvement store lately? Seems as though the 'Classic Hit Combo' is catching on with the programmer of the music system. That seems to be the magic with the flow of our music format. It's tremendous during moments of deep decision. So at this moment you're either tapping your foot, or being nudged to buy a riding lawn mower.

We are most definitely 'America's favorite @work station'. Especially with government employees and certainly with those in the military. What could be the reason for this honor? Couldn't put our finger on it until it dawned on us recently that it must be the attraction of the chevron in our trademark logo. If that's the case, we should have used the picture of a saber going through the head of Osama Bin-Laden!


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