Thursday, May 22, 2008

While We're In That Room

The Community Page on GUS.FM has now been renamed 'The Nation'. It's a logistics thing.

Let's see, we were discussing Terre Haute, next week it will be another place. But to bring a BIG SECRET out into the open, if ever you were curious as how the city/state of the week are chosen, it's quite a complex and scientific process, really. Data is compiled and extracted from a six-fold compressed zip file. It is then transfered to a sub-level plane. Random monetary value is applied to a trickle down method of placement within a dimension to a geographical area. The sum of these equations reveal the new area for said week. That seemed a bit more logical than to say a map is spread on the floor and a coin flip lands on the sweet spot.

You just gotta have fun with this thing.

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