Thursday, June 18, 2009

iPhone and Internet Radio

Don't have one yet, but it's on my wish list. Since it's roll out a short time ago, the iPhone 3GS has brought a plethora of new fans to our site and associated webcasting stream.

For close to two weeks now, the trends on Twitter and other social network gatherings have consistently proven that the buzz is well worth the excitement. It is also the very element that webcasters as myself have been waiting for. With the white knuckled fingertip death grips at the edge of the operational cliff here, we may have been given an initial boost thanks to this handy device that breaks internet radio away from the traditional tethering of a PC.

My accountant approached me the other day to tell me that she's now on the road with GUS.FM via the website. That's exciting because the link to our stream is at the full blown 128k/44MHz bandwidth. I was intrigued and envious. Happy too, because her excitement turned into advertising dollars with a purchased placement prominently displayed on the homepage.

Beleaguered as it has been for it's young upstarts, the iPhone is turning the page and ushering a new era to an emerging industry. Internet Radio To-Go.

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