Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Boycott Gary Glitter Music

I will not, and have never aired Gary Glitter material on my radio station! He is a convicted child predator and pervert of the worst extreme!

I could say that would sum it all up and close this particular article, except for one thing. He still receives royalty checks every time his 1971 hit song "Rock and Roll Pt2" is played at virtually every sporting venue in the world. And you may unknowingly be feeding his appetite.

My daughter was in high school band, and I remember each touchdown that was scored was punctuated by each teams' respective band by the familiar duh duh duh...da duh-da duh. The rights that were obtained to play that in a public setting was (or legally, should have been) licensed to compensate the composer. That is Gary Glitter in this case. And my tax money, stadium admission, and band support money funneled to his sick, twisted coffer.

The same for your high school, college, and pro team attendance.

A multiple offender in Britain, and fallen from grace, Glitter doesn't seem to absorb the gravity of his offenses. So it seems, if he couldn't be able to fix in his homeland, he trolled about internationally.

Just released from a three year sentence at a Vietnamese prison for molesting two 11 year old girls, Glitter is now slithering back to London. If that's not bad enough to an accumulation of money he made while he slept and God only knows what type of punishment you receive in a Vietnamese prison. If you ask me, even that was too lenient.

There are appropriate appendages that should be cut off Glitter at this point. If you can't get to the prime one, go for the next best thing and cut off his money. Be aware of this situation and demand that his music no longer be played at any venue.

It's a shame. I enjoyed playing this hit song in my early radio years and had fond reflections of my high school years.

From this point on, however, any time you hear "Rock and Roll, Pt.2" consider it the "Child Predator's National Anthem."

National Center for Missing & Exploited Children website

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